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Energising a coffee brand through social media.

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Infinity Coffee is a first of its kind wholebean instant coffee. Created from a unique blend of ground and instant coffee, Infinity has a unique offering.

We were tasked with helping the brand take its first steps into the UK coffee market. We designed and build a landing page, set up brand new social media accounts and ran a social media ad campaign over a 6 week period.

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Initial research.

Our initial work involved working out who the marketing should be targeted at.

We carried out extensive research into the UK coffee market. This involved reading multiple reports from within the industry and how certain trends are affecting the way people buy coffee.

This allowed us to identify three key groups of people to target the ads at; students, millenials and parents. We then used this insight to generate ad ideas and target ads accordingly.

Landing page.

Infinity needed an online presence to use as a tool present information and list stockists.

This involved creating a bespoke page with all the relevant information displayed clearly on it. Stockists were clearly outlined and key USPs of the product were made front and centre.

The page required bespoke imagery and a striking banner to keep the content engaging and encourage users to keep scrolling.

Ad platform targeting.

We targeted ads at different user groups on Facebook and Instagram based off the research we’d carried out at the beginning of the project. This allowed us to create ads that were relevant to specific users, ensure engagement was high.

We primarily used Instagram ads to target younger audiences, in this case students and millenials. The ads created for these groups were specifically designed to relate to their lifestyles. For example, themes of partying and studying appealed to students.

Facebook ads were targeted at parents first and foremost. Themes of dealing with messy kids and lacking energy ran consistently through the campaign.

Video content.

Video content was used for a selection of Facebook canvas ads. This helped to catch a users eye as they scrolled through their feed, ultimately encouraging them to click through to the ad.

Outstanding Results.

8,575,127 Impressions made
256,217 Facebook page post engagements
5,958 Instagram profile impressions
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