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Laurence King Publishing produces beautiful books and gifts from some of the world’s best illustrators, designers, artists and photographers. Laurence King Publishing were looking to reimagine their existing eCommerce site into something that could be adaptable for a showcase that would do justice to the literary and creative works in their catalogue.

Working alongside a design partner to develop a site that makes for a unique and tantalising shopping experience as opposed to a product-list style showcasing.

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Unique stories through flexibility.

For Laurence King Publishing it is as much about telling their story as it is about showcasing their authors.

This meant that flexibility was needed in the layout and design options available going forward. We worked to create a multitude of templates which allow numerous tailoring to get each page telling the user exactly what they want many of which will be explored more in the future.

eCommerce experience.

Laurence King Publishing wanted an eCommerce website with all the robust sales functionality and none of the traditional eCommerce feel.

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The classic and helpful ‘You might like’ items that pull into the bottom of the product pages complete, along with a personalised checkout, a well-rounded shopping experience.

Requiring initial large data imports to ensure their entire catalogue is available, their inventory is now entirely CMS manageable. This gives a certain degree of autonomy to Laurence King Publishing, allowing them to manage products and categories.

Unique gifting

Little unique features include a Gift Picker, with either a randomiser option or a 3 x filter option. It’s a nice touch for a publishing house who specialises in gifts as well as books. All of these features are adjustable within the CMS, making it easily manageable by Laurence King Publishing internally.

Complex communication.

The functionality of the new Laurence King Publishing newsletter allows for users to decide what literary topic or genre they wish to receive emails on.

This feature was being developed in the midst of GDPR regulations coming into force and along with the other forms used on the site we worked to ensure that these were GDPR compliant with double opt-ins.

Other unique communications include the Student Newsletter sign-up which offers people a discount code for the duration of their course, ideal for creative arts students. This combines Campaign Monitor and WooCommerce functionality to provide incentivised marketing to their audience.

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