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Celebrating sustainable brands with a new website.

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Positive Luxury celebrates and supports brands that act with a deep respect for worldwide challenges and future generations. With a unique B2B2C business model, their new website needed to convey their core values effectively, while also boosting the brand’s presence online.

The project consisted of two core phases – the initial web design and build, and then a careers portal for their brands.

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Modern, clean design.

A design to make brands stand out.

The site required a a simplistic, clean and minimal design. We focused on crisp typography, content structure and good user experience practices.

The homepage features a clear banner to convey the overall aim of Positive Luxury. An editorial style blog section below this helps to push useful content and news, while clear CTA’s down the page encourage brands to join the Positive Luxury offering.

Breaking the mould.

The site takes a unique editorial approach to design and layout.

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We took an editorial approach to this site, breaking away from traditional layouts. We explored layering and overlapping to help bring depth to the site. In a similar style to a magazine, images help to create structure, while text highlights are pulled out to draw the eye to key points of the page.


Careers portal.

A bespoke backend development for brands to list job roles.

As part of the second phase of the project, we designed a built a bespoke careers portal. The portal allows for brands to login to a backend of the platform to post roles and customise the content. These are then pulled through to the user facing Careers page.

A home for every brand.

The idea behind the careers portal is simple.

It allows positive brands to post jobs on the site that are targeted directly at users who want to work for companies that care.

Each brand’s positive actions are pulled out on the list page to bring them to the forefront of a users search. Key information about the role is also highlighted here to attract click-through.

Post pages

Job post pages present the user with the details of the role. A sidebar accommodates more granular information, such as salary, contract, closing date and location.

Direct applications

Applying for a role couldn’t be simpler. Applications are handled directly through the site, which not only improves the user experience, but also allows for more detailed tracking.

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